5 Best Tools to Improve Page Speed for More Traffic & Conversions

Do you know which tools are used to improve the website speed?. Because the biggest thing that happens after creating a website is website speed optimization. Many people create a website but do not optimize it properly, due to this they cannot reach the highest traffic.

Does website speed optimization affect visitor’s traffic?

You will get the answer in this article, so you read this article carefully. With that, we will also talk about the 5 best website speed and performance optimization tools.

Page Speed is one of the parts of website optimization. When we create fresh new website and publish it on google then google crawlers analyze your website. In this, if you want to bring the website in the search rank, then it is necessary to have your page speed around 80 to 90 out of 100.

So what is the speed of your website and how to check it, we tell you further?

Best tools for improve website loading speed

First of all, know what is website speed optimization?

Website Speed ​​optimization is the technique with which you analyze your website top to bottom and build it lightweight. Because a heavy website takes time to be load and this reduces the page speed of the website. the lightweight website always loads in under 1 -2 sec.

Although there are many factors of website loading speed, but which factors you use depends on you.

Google is an online search engine whose crawlers can detect your website immediately and they can analyze your website is ready or not for rank quickly in the search engine.

Google time to time updates on its algorithms and every day some new updates are received, but if you optimize your website perfectly in all factors, then the chances of more visitors to your website increase.

Real life example: When we open a website, how many sec do we wait? I think 3 to 5 sec but if it took more time then we refresh one or else open the other website. And this is the reason why the bounce rate increases more.

Because if no visitors staying on your website means that you will not benefit from designing the website with such hard work. So its simple solution is Website optimization.

Website optimization is not so hard even when you understand how many assets you have to load in the website. If you load more material then of course your site will be heavy and loading speed will also automatically down. Visitors prefer those sites which load fast websites.

One fact is if a visitor opens your website using 2G internet and you have not optimized the website correctly then hardly your website will show on those visitors’ devices. Sometimes visitors are irritated due to loading speed, which reduces the chances of your conversion.

We have to manage the site in such a way that your visitors also increase, rank your website quickly in the search engine, and also get conversions. The optimization of the website can have a bad effect on your leads or visitors.

The main point is how can we optimize our website so that our loading speed increases. Because so far I have told you some facts about website optimization, but now how to make it practical, what are the tools that can help you optimize your website.

There are many such tools on the internet, with the help of you can check the website loading speed optimization for your website and can also get its detailed report. These tools will not give you by optimizing the loading speed but will give an accurate report of what assets are there on your website, due to which your website takes time in loading.

This will give you an idea of which assets are lightweight for your website and which assets are heavy. Which you can solve the problem of loading speed ​​by fixing it on time. If you want to tips for website speed optimization you can comment below we will help you to optimize your website.

5 Best Tools to website speed and performance optimization tools for More Traffic

The tools I will tell you here are the best 5 tools that a professional blogger and website designer should use and all these free website speed optimizations, you do not need to invest money for this. You can easily analyze the complete data of Page Speed ​​of your website in just one click.

When we talk about free, it seems that maybe we can get to see some fewer features in it, but for the tool, I will tell you, you will not need a premium plan because you get a full report in the free plan itself.

1. GTmetrix

This is my one of the favorite tool and with the help of this tool, you can see the exact loading speed report of your website. There are many big company websites that prefer GTmetrix first because the analysis power is quite strong and accurate.

If I tell you its live count, then 638,214,172 such websites are checked for optimization every day. This count which is told is my live count which varies. So you can understand this is very great tool.

GTMetrix count


  1. First of all, when you analyze your website, you will get to see all these things Page Speed, Yslow, Waterfall, Timings, Video, History.
  2. In this you get the feature of combo analyze like both Page Speed ​​insights and Yahoo! Yslow can see the report together.
  3. If the loading speed of your website is high, then you get full information in detail on how to reduce loading speed.
  4. You can check your site by comparing it with another site, what is the loophole in your website which will make you easier to fix.

I told you about all the functionalities of GTmetrix, you can try practically and optimize your website.

2. Pingdom

Pingdom Score

This is the second tool that helps you to monitor website speed. Pingdom tool is a very popular website speed optimization check tool in recent times. Pingdom offers you cost-effective, reliable uptime and performance monitoring, which is its special feature. In this, with a particular link, you understand how much time your single asset is taking to load.

performance grade


  1. You will see 4 such panels like Performance Grade, Page size, Load time, Requests, with the help of these statistics you can improve your website speed perfectly.
  2. There is one panel is the main feature is improvement page performance, where grade and suggestion options will be available. Wherever assets are optimized for website loading or not, you get to see which asset you have to optimize.
  3. When we build our website, we use lots of HTML, CSS, Images, and Scripts. We have to optimize it properly, for this Pingdom is provide a single report of what we have to optimize.
  4. You can also download this report as a PDF.

3. Google Page Speed ​​insights

Google Page Speed Insight

Google has developed the Google PageSpeed ​​insights tool for free to test your website speed. Do you know how popular are the products or tools of google? Google is a trusted company, that’s why so many website designers and bloggers use this tool to improve website speed.


  1. We have seen the features of GTMetrix, Google Page Speed ​​insights help improve GTMetrix score.
  2. To rank in Google search engine, desktop and mobile page speed is also necessary, it also shows the detailed report.
  3. Mobile’s speed status and Desktop’s speed status shows separately, which makes it easy for us to optimize the website mobile responsive.
  4. You can also install the Google PageSpeed ​​insights tool in your browser.

4. WebPagetest

webpagetest score

On WebPagetest Website, you can test the speed of your website according to different locations. If you want to test your website speed location wise, then you can get exact results comfortably.


  1. You will see 3 such panels, Web Vitals, Document Complete, and Fully Loaded. In which you will show the result of how much loading speed is on the first view.
  2. You can check the speed of the website according to the different locations and browsers.
  3. We have seen many tools before, we did not get to see about the iOS speed test but with the help of this tool, you can check 2G and 3G Speed ​​over both android and iOS.
  4. If we talk about browsers, in addition to google chrome, it gives you Firefox, Microsoft Edge, IE 11, etc. You can check how much time your site loads on all such bowsers.
  5. You will have to show analytics in the form of a pie chart in the Content Breakdown panel, in which you will have to see requests and bytes of the assets used in your website.

5. Dareboost

dareboost score

This is an All in One website optimization and speed ​​test tool. It is a paid tool, but in this tool also you get all the reports for free, which is necessary for you. When we check the speed of the website, then there are many things that downgrade the website, now what are those things, if you find it manually, then you may take a lot of time. But this tool makes your work easier.

dareboost performance


  1. We will get a performance report of the website in which you will get a panel of issues, improvements, and successes. If you want to see about the issues and improvement of your website and want to get it fixed, then this tool is the best.
  2. In this, you will also get a render meter so that you can understand how many sec has been loaded in your website’s first view.
  3. In this, you will show a score of Browser warnings, HTTP / 2 Ready, and Speed ​​Index. If the score is not correct, then you can analyze your website and fix it.
  4. You will show a dropdown of all categories so that you can check each asset carefully. Here you will have different results show of Accessibility, Browser rendering, Cache policy, Compliance, Data amount, Number of requests, Quality, SEO, Security Google Analytics.

That’s the list!

I think now you have got a complete guide about what are the 5 Best Tools to Improve Page Speed ​​for More Traffic & Conversions. Page Speed ​​is a factor that can take your business from 0 to 100. So you should use all the tools given in this article and check how much is the speed of your website. If improvement is needed then analyze the assets and fix it so that your website will load faster and you will also get better conversions and traffic.

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