Free WordPress Blog Setup

Do you also want to setup a free WordPress blog? You have an idea but you do not know how to setup a blog, then you should not worry about blog setup. We will help you to setup your blog for free. With the help of our blog setup service, we will give you the right configuration and the best tool setup in your blog so that your blog will grow instantly. Then hurry up and enjoy our free blog setup and configuration service.

Why We Offer WordPress Installation Services For FREE?

A lot of things are required when creating a professional and money making blog. Such as money, hosting, and domain and the biggest thing is that if you have to design your blog properly, then it is important to have complete knowledge of Programming Languages like (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP), etc.

You know that WordPress is the best blogging platform in today’s time. There are many new bloggers who want to create their own blog on WordPress. But it is not necessary that everyone will be familiar with WordPress. So either they won’t start with WordPress or use Blogspot.

Similarly, many newbies do not have enough time to setup their own blog because of so many reasons. Or they have no money to hire anyone. But we clear one thing that is even if you do not have the knowledge of coding, you can also easily create a WordPress blog.

This service is free only when you buy hosting from our hosting partner Bluehost using our special affiliate link. We are an Affiliate partner with Bluehost. If you are buying hosting from our Affiliate link, then they give us our small commission and that is why they provide this service for you free of cost. This is Win-Win Game.

How this is Win-Win Game?

At no extra cost to you, we get a small commission from our partner Web hosting companies to refer a new customer. In this situation, both the user and we benefit from this service and because of this, we give this service to you for FREE.

So this is the reason that here we will help you to setup a new WordPress blog for free.

Packed with everything to create a successful blog.

We have helped more than 50 bloggers by creating a stunning blog on WordPress platform at an affordable cost. Here is everything that is necessary to create a professional blog and you get all this stuff with our free blog setup service.

Two easy steps and you can eligible for Free Blog Setup.

Follow the steps given below to complete your Free WordPress Blog Setup Application.

1. Domain + Web Hosting

Every website needs a domain and web hosting. The website cannot be run without domain and hosting. So that’s why you have to register the domain name first.

The domain is the address of the site and the user visits your site through this browser link. As the domain of our site is

Bluehost provides for 1 year domain + SSL certificate free with hosting. Because of this small amount of money is saved by buying your free domain with Bluehost. So I would recommend registering a new domain only when purchasing hosting from Bluehost.

Before buying hosting, it is important to have some information about hosting so that you can choose a better hosting plan for yourself. Web hosting is the storage space of website that resides on the internet. In web hosting, you can store your website files, images, videos, etc. on server and this is called a special computer.

Free WordPress Blog Setup


Bluehost is a popular hosting provider company for New bloggers and WordPress also officially recommends Bluehost. Currently, Bluehost has more than 2 million websites host. This is popular because its uptime and load time is very fast. Along with that it also provides Free site transfer, Free SSL certificate, and Free domain name. With Bluehost, you do not have to worry about your website being slow even if there is a lot of traffic. The amazing part is their support system which is available 24/7 by phone, email, and live chat for help you.

2. Eligibility of Free WordPress Blog Setup

  1. Free Blog installation is available only to those who have signed up with our hosting partners by clicking on the banner or link above.
  2. This free service is available only to new customers. This means, if you are already a specific hosting customer and you sign up for another domain name, this will not be Qualified for FREE blog installation.
  3. It happens sometimes that for some reason, if you do not register as valid referral of our hosting partner system, then we cannot setup your blog for free. Also, if you use the wrong coupon code provided by us, it can eliminate your chances of getting a free installation and setup.


We do not store the information anywhere forward from you. Once we setup your blog, you can change your CPanel password for security purposes.

So I think now everything is clear for you, so what are you waiting for? Just start your blog immediately. If you still have doubts or any questions, you can contact me. I will clear all your questions.

3. Submit the form

When you sign up for Web Hosting using the link given above, then go ahead and fill the form below, so that our team can start working on your blog.

Please paste your receipt from the hosting provider. This will be the email that you will receive right after you successfully purchase the web hosting. We need to know the date of your signup and the domain you used for the signup.