10+ Best Chrome Extensions for Web Designers and Developers

Are you a professional web designer, then you need to know what are the best chrome extensions for web developersIf you want to work with speed in web designing, then you must use Useful chrome extensions. Since I am writing about this because there are many web designers who work without chrome extensions or they do not know about that’s why we can tell you great secrete about chrome extensions.

If you use chrome then you will know that Google keeps adding a lot of new functionality to Google chrome continuously. The result of which is that 65% share in the market is now Google chrome and another side only 12%  market is from internet explorer. When we perform web designing, we definitely use some browser. Whether it is Google Chrome or Firefox.

10+ Best Chrome Extensions for Web Designers and Developers

But if you do web designing with the help of Google, so your work can be even easier. You must have heard the name of the extensions in Google chrome. In doing the work, we have to use different offline or online software, but on the same Google Chrome extension, you can work easily with just one click installation.

There are many extensions available in Google such as for SEO, Web Designing, Web Development, etc. We can install any extension according to our requirement and use it on chrome and when our work is complete, then we can also deactivate these extensions. So today we are going to talk about which are the best chrome extension for web designing and how this works?

12 Best Chrome Extensions For Web Developers (Top Google Chrome Extensions list)

1. MeasureIt!

This is the best chrome ruler extension in web designing. With the help of this extension, you can easily measure the element of any page of Google chrome with the perfect pixel ratio. If you have to check the height, width, and position of an element, then you just have to measure with this extension. I myself have been using this extension for 3 years, I will recommend it to you to measure any element.

2. ColorZilla

By the name Colorzilla chrome extension, you must have known that it is related to color. Color combinations have to be used very accurately when designing a web designer. Whatever professional web designers are, they pay most attention to color combinations in designing, so if you want to use color in your site, then color code is required.

So ColorZilla does the job of picking the color. It collects all the hex codes and generates the color code. In this, you get to see many options like picked color history, web page color analyzer, palette browser, and CSS gradient generator. This means you get all the things from only one extension.

Here, all you have to do is to click on the eye-dropper, after that you have to move the mouse and click on any element of which you want to copy the color. Immediately that color code gets added to the clipboard, then from there you can copy and use the HEX code, RGB code according to your need.

ColorZilla also acts as a color analyzer and CSS gradient editor so that you can convert an image to CSS.

3. Full Page Screen Capture

If you are doing a freelancing job in Web Designing, then this extension can be very useful. If we have to capture a full screenshot of a page, then an extension can help you. In this, whichever page you want to capture full screenshot, go there and click on the icon that looks like a camera. Immediately this extension automatically scrolls each section to make a screenshot of your page.

After generating a screenshot, you can save or download it in any format like png, jpg, and pdf option is also available.

4. WhatFont

Whatfont chrome extension will prove to be most helpful for those who have an attachment with fonts. Because if you want to use your favorite font, then this extension can save you a lot of time. When you see someone’s website and if you want to know which fonts have been used on that website, then with the help of this you can get all the information on the font.

Not only this, with the help of this extension, it will also help in identifying the Google Font API and Typekit with whatever page you want to get the font information.

WhatFont helps the Chrome extension developer to quickly analyze and identify the font of any web page. For this, you just have to hover the mouse over any font and as soon as you click, you get all the detail of the font, such as Font Family, Style, Weight, etc.

5. Grammarly

If you are also working on writing content in web designing, then Grammarly chrome extension can help you more. Grammarly is a free online writing assistant tool with the help of which you detect whatever spelling mistakes you make while writing and tell about the correct word. This is a great tool. If you are a content writer then this is a very useful thing for you. With the help of this tool, your grammatical errors can be resolved in-jokes and the biggest thing is that it saves you a lot of time in proofreading.

6. Wappalyzer

Every day new technologies are faced in web designing and development. In such a situation, if you want to know about the technology of a website, such as which website has been designed with the help of which technology. You will get all its information with the help of this extension.

Wappalyzer helps you identify which technologies are used on any website or application. For example, if a website is designed in WordPress, you will get all the information about what is used in it. Such as Programming Language, Database, JavaScript Libraries, UI Frameworks, Web Server, etc. You will get information about many such technologies.

7. Code Formatter

With the help of this extension, you can beautify any minify code. Like there are many websites that minify HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code to increase the good speed of the website. Which removes the space between the codes. If you want to see any minify code of the website in standard format, then it has to be beatified. So code formatter extension is a free formatter tool that you can beatify the code while working online. In this, you can beatify HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, JSON in the code formatter of all these languages.

8. Loom – Video Recorder

With the help of this extension, you can record the screen of the computer. For this, you just have to install its extension. If you have ever encountered some issues while doing web design and development, or you cannot explain those issues through images but you have to create a video so that you can understand it better then you can use this extension. Because with this you can easily capture screen recording. They also have their own data storage where the screen records store you have created.

The special thing in this is that you can also do only screen record and screen + cam record.

When you record the screen, this tool automatically generates a link, with the help of which you can share the link with anyone. So that the other person can also see that video and there is a special thing in it that we also see the performance in like how many people have seen this video.

9. LightShot

This is my favorite extension because if you are a designer then you should have this extension. Like I told you about the video chrome extension above, it is an image screenshot extension and with the help of this, you can capture any screenshot.

For example, if you want to highlight something in an image or highlight it by writing text in the image, with the help of this tool you can easily make a screenshot. Similarly, you can directly share the screenshot you have captured on social media.

Also, there is an option to Save. If you want to generate a link to the screenshot by sharing it, then it also has the option of a drive where this tool automatically creates a link for the screenshot, then you can share it with others.

10. CSSViewer

As you know, in web designing without CSS, the design is half incomplete. If you have to get the CSS information on the website, then you can see the tightness with the help of this extension. CSSViewer is a CSS property. If you hover the mouse on any section, then a floating panel is opened. Which contains some reports like Attributes, Colors, Positioning, Fonts, etc.

If you want to view CSS in chrome, you can also inspect it but there you will only get to see CSS about the particular element, but if you use this extension, then you can see the CSS report according to the section. It only provides basic information to you.

11. Window Resizer

In web designing, when a website is created, it has to be responsively checked. We can also check the design of the website by changing the viewport by inspecting it directly in chrome. But in this window resizer, the chrome extension will get to see different viewports and in this, you can see a direct mobile responsive view.

In this, you will get to see many screen sizes. As such, you will not face any problem while making the website responsive. So you can save your precious time by using the window resizer tool.

12. Clear Cache

The cache is often encountered while working online. In such a situation, if you are doing website design or development, then there are more difficulties. For this, we go to Settings and clear the browser cache. But Clear cache chrome extension will make your work easier as it clears both cookies and cache with one click.

Some web designers are constantly making changes in the design, due to which there is a problem of cache and that old data is seen instead of new data. So a web designer gets frustrated with such things.
Clear cache here lets you configure Cache, downloads, index database, plugin data, passwords, and clear the cache of the page.

That’s the list!

I hope you enjoyed this article about 10+ Best Chrome Extensions for Web Designers and Developers. With these top chrome extensions, you can speed up your website designing skills. So if you liked our article then please tell us your opinion by commenting. If you want to learn more about web designing, I will be happy to help you.

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