Who is Akash Nikam?

Hey Friends,

Welcome to the BloggingForest Blog. First of all, thank you that you wanted to know about us. 

My name is Akash Nikam and I am the founder of BloggingForest Blog.

The Affiliate Marketer, Online Entrepreneur, Web Designer, and Professional Blogger.

I am from Pune (India) and I am a software engineer. I enjoy learning about new things and sharing these things with other peoples. Blogging is my passion and I do it wholeheartedly. 

Blogging Forest Akash Nikam

Most bloggers explain about professionals working on their About Us page. But I am going to tell you about the success story of my blogging with our website.

So that whoever is a beginner blogger get motivation.

Let’s Talk About My Journey.

The journey to make my blog was very exciting

My dream is to help all the people in the online field by giving them a perfect guide about online strategies and tips that we have learned in my life.

I tried to start an online business many times, but self-doubt and confidence left me every time.

But this gave me a lot to learn.

I do not know who I am, but I came to know that when we do some work from our heart, we forget ourselves and I understood that my success is in my hands and no one can break it unless we want to.

When I was studying engineering, I had become a habit of reading online stuff. When I searched study material on the Internet about something, sometimes full or sometimes half information was found. At that time I did not know that much about Blogging. I just focus on our studies. When we researching blogging I have learned lots of interesting things.

At the same time, I understood a little bit about blogging. But I did not fully know about blogging. When I started research on this, then slowly I came to understand about blogging that how people can be helped from the blog.

At that time I did not have enough money to start a WordPress blog. So initially I made my blog on Blogger. Because a free blog could be created on Blogger. But then after creating the blog I could not give much time to blogging because of exams, assignments, etc. Because of this, my blogger blog was failed.

Always remember one thing when we fail, we get to learn a lot from it. Something similar happened to me.

“You Learn More From Failure Than From Success. Don’t Let It Stop You. Failure Builds Character.”

When I initially started blogging, it quickly failed. Because I did not make perfect planning about it. Because if you have succeeded in anything online field, then perfect planning matters a lot.

Like I had a day-long schedule. Getting up at 6.00 am in the morning having breakfast, completing homework, getting ready for college, studying in college, then doing a little time-pass with friends, then coming home to watch movies and sleep. 

Once I thought about all these things carefully then I came to know that every day I am wasting my time on a lot of things, if I utilize my time then maybe I can make a good blog I can also give time for article writing.

Now My Planning Has Started.

Because I was so serious about blogging that now whatever I want, I had to make my own blog which is a successful blog.

When I was researching blogging, I read about the concept of guest blogging. In which if we do not have our blog, then we could publish our article on the blog of another blogger.

For a minute I was thinking that before making my blog I need to do self-analysis. Because until we do not recognize our ability, you don’t know your interest.

“The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it.”

Akash Nikam Persistant Marathon

I had to find out how passionate I am about blogging myself. At the same time, I thought that maybe before starting my own blog, I should start writing a guest post so that I can get society how many articles I can write.

Then I found some blogs online related to my niche and started writing guest posts.

Literary, I spend daily 6 hours on blogging when I came home from college. Because of that I also had to manage my studies. 

The plan of guest blogging became my success because that day I write weekly 3 articles and my confidence also became build up again. When I was studied I also had a lot of interest in web designing and development. So when I wrote a guest post, it was technology-related.

It gives me a lot of benefits

  • I became more disciplined. Because I follow a daily routine. Like, what article to write every day, what to write, article has to be researched, after research it has to be published. Because of this, I will be busier.
  • Due to guest blogging, I have found some blogger friends and got some tips and guidance from him. If there was some problem, with the help of an experienced blogger, it would help to find a solution quickly.
  • A new identity build with the online audience became so many people came to know me.
  • The biggest thing was that my Observation Strength became faster. Because blogging gives us new challenges every day. In which I have seen any normal things from different angles and used to do in-depth research on it. 

What Happened After That?

Blogging had become a passion for me because it enabled me to learn a lot of things. When I was guest blogging, I was in the third year of engineering and at that time I had to manage both blogging and studies well. In guest blogging, when I had chosen the topic of web designing and development, I have shared some of my designing techniques and advanced programming.

With this, I get to learn about issues that I had never seen before in web designing. As time went on I continued my blogging research. And at the same pace, I was also preparing for the exam of engineering.

When I studied engineering, I probably did not have as much interest in studying or doing research online as before which I got all that interest after blogging. With this, I had learned to make the perfect plan for the exam and in the same way, I have research in-depth any topic to study for the exam, this prepared for my exam better. Now the time had come when I had my exam. After the examination, everyone’s eye is towards the result

I am surprised, 

When my result came it was so much better than before that my second rank in the computer engineering field had come. I also got a certificate and Rs. 2000 check for this and this is my first earning.

“Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you.”

Akash Nikam Second Rank Software Engineering

I never even thought that my rank would also come. Because my only goal was to crack the exam.

But it is said that hard work never goes to waste. All this was possible due to research and in-depth study and the main reason for this was Blogging.

Because if I did not fail in Blogging, I would hardly know myself by doing analysis and get a good rank in studies.

New Journey Was Started

I kept doing Free Guest Blogging and research about Blogging for 2 years, in these days I did not earn any money from blogging. With that my engineering was also completed. Now I had to do some planning to do something out of the box. 

By the way, I was interested in blogging, so I started planning for it first. But before that, I needed some money. Now when it comes to money, there should be some income source from which one can get money. So I thought first of all look for a good job and then start blogging side by side.

But yes, I wanted the job in the same field in which I was interested. Because in which I can also do good work and also get some help for blogging and my interest was in web designing and development.

Then I started searching for jobs, I kept trying for 2 to 3 months but due to some reason, I was not getting selected. And I also wanted a job in web designing and development itself.

But I did not give up. I had heard a little about a fiver, which gives freelance projects and earns well. So initially I tried with fiver but I failed in that too.

After that, I had some friends of my identity who helped in bringing offline projects. By working with him, I made some freelance projects that got me some money.

It’s Time To Launch My Blog

Now was the time to launch my own blog and then in 2019, I started my first blog. Which was named Techithindi. I selected this domain because I wanted to start a Hindi blog. Because I saw on the internet is Hindi content is very less, so many people are in search of Hindi content. And I also sometimes find Hindi content on Google. The niche of that blog was technology.

That is so because of my high interest in technology, I thought why not try something new. And so far, I share all the techniques with people that I’ve learned in my whole blogging journey.

Finally, my blog was live. This is my first self-created blog. Now I was working at a time 3. Freelancing, Blogging, and Search Job.

At the same time, I got a call from a software company regarding the job and I immediately went for the interview.

Because now I aimed to do my field related job in a good company and handle blogging by side.

And after few days I got selected in that company. That day was very exciting for me. Because in the new job and company, I was going to learn a lot of new things.

Now I Had To Plan How I Can Manage Blogging With Job?

So I made a plan when I would go home from my job, then at least 2 hours I would quit for the blog. At that time, I stopped freelancing for a few days. Because I had to manage both office and blogging.

Many people say how to do not get time to do blogging. So these are redundant reasons because if you have to do anything by heart then it is not a big deal for us to take time for that.

And you will not know but daily I spend to blogging 2 hours after coming home from the office and publish a post on weekly off (Saturday – Sunday). Along with that included making podcasts for blog posts.

In the software company, I work on the role of a web designer. With which I have learned a lot of new things in the office. After 6 months, I also got the award of Employee of the Quarter from office. At this time I had only 6 months by joining the company and I was working as a fresher. All this happened only and only with the help of hardworking. 

“Always remember one thing Great things never come from comfort zones.”

Akash Nikam VarStreet Employee of the Quarter Award

I have written free blog posts on Techithindi blog initially. But after that, I came to know about Affiliate marketing how people are earning millions from Affiliate marketing. Then after doing research, I started doing Affiliate marketing on my blog. And after a few months, I earned $ 100 from affiliate marketing. It was a big deal for me that I received my first income from blogging. I had not yet applied for Google AdSense. Currently, my main aim was to generate traffic on the blog. By then my affiliate marketing was on. And the next month I received $ 1200 from Affiliate marketing.

Wow after that my confidence level became very high.

Start Of Something New.

When I started writing Hindi blog post on Techithindi blog, I thought that maybe now I should make an English blog too. But on that blog, I had decided to write the only article about WordPress tutorials, Affiliate marketing, and Blogging. At the same time, in Dec 2019, I launched the BloggingForest blog. Where I made some pillar posts so that a good amount of traffic could be generated on the blog.

Here Were My 2 Primary Goals:

  • Increase organic traffic growth
  • Monetize my blog within 3 months

After that, I kept blogging according to planning and Boom,

Within 3 months I got $ 1500 from Affiliate marketing in the blog. I am sharing all those strategies with you through this blog.

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”

If you also have to start a blog, then you can also create your own blog easily. For this, you have to do hard work

If you want to earn money online sitting at home through the Internet, then this website is the best platform for you. It’s another special thing is that here we give other bloggers a chance to write posts. People who want to share their knowledge with others. Here we give gifts to every person blogging on BloggingForest platform and appreciation of work is also done.

Similarly, every week there is some contest or giveaway. So that new bloggers benefit from it and they get more motivation.

People in many countries are earning millions of rupees from the internet, so why don’t we? So now I would like to tell you that any person can easily earn money from the Internet, it is just necessary to have the right knowledge about the Internet. So our website is created only to help you people. On this website, you will get all the information from basic to advanced to earn money through the internet.

This blog is not for you if you are thinking about the below-given things:

1) You want to make rich in less time:

I would like to tell you that starting any business is a bit difficult in the beginning. Where you may also take time.

On our blog, you will find the best ways of doing online business. If you are looking for some magical way to get rich quick, then you should not follow our blog. Because what you will tell you here, you cannot become rich in a day. For this, you have to work a little hard. Which can also take a little time.

2) You want to scam with people:

If you do not want to share a quality product or service with people or want to scam something from it, then please leave our website now. Because scam is not allowed at all on our website.

Our community has helped many people to earn money through the internet so that they are now their own owners. In the same way, those people are also moving financially. If you work together by mixing smart work and hard work, then you too can achieve anything on your own.

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